Off The Road Unlimited Coins and Cash | Unlock All Vehicles For Free

Welcome, fellow gamers! Today, I’m thrilled to unveil a fantastic trick that will set you on the path to unlimited resources in Off The Road, giving you the freedom to conquer challenges, upgrade vehicles, and dominate the game. Say farewell to in-game limitations and dive into the ultimate Off The Road experience. Let’s jump right in and explore the secrets to elevating your Off The Road adventure!

Hey there! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get unlimited resources in Off The Road:

Step 1: Get ZArchiver & Virtual Master from the Playstore and install it.

Step 2: Download the zip file by clicking on the Download button. Download Here

Step 3: Launch Virtual Master. (If you don’t know how to set up Vitual Master, then watch the video tutorial.) Here is the video ▶

Step 4: Add Off the Road and ZArchiver. 

Step 5: Add the downloaded zip file.

Step 6: Launch ZArchiver inside the Virtual Master, go to the Imports folder, and then open the Files folder.

Step 7: Extract the zip file by clicking on it and then clicking on the Extract Here button. You’ll need to watch a video to get the password, so be sure to do that first. Here is the video ▶

Step 8: Go to the ‘Off The Road By 3dGlobe’ folder.

Step 9: Install the ‘Virtual Backup apk’.

Step 10: Copy the ‘VirtualBackup’ folder by pressing and holding it to get the copy option.

Step 11: Go to Device Memory.

Step 12: Paste the copied folder in Device Memory by clicking on the Blue symbol at the bottom-right of the screen.

Step 13: Close ZArchiver and open Virtual Backup.

Step 14: Click on the ‘RESTORE’ button and select the ‘Off The Road’ file.

Step 15: Open the ‘Off The Road’.

Step 16: Congratulations! You now have maximum resources.

That’s it! Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be able to enjoy maximum resources with ease.

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